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Cadmos Energías Renovables is a company dedicated to the full value chain of the photovoltaic energy.

Gadir Solar

Subsidiary of Cadmos Energías Renovables GADIR is the result of a bet towards the photovoltaic future, of vertical integration in this market and a business challenge strongly supported by world-class business and banking entities in Spain.

A material that should run tens of years outdoors and whose manufacturer provides guarantees equivalent to this period of time, requires an company backup features which Gadir Solar brings. The investors confidence is covered by the fact that they can obtain this type of product in their own country, where legal stability and standards, and local laws defend economic interests without interpretations.

Gadir Solar

Gadir solar photovoltaic thin film modules factory

Located in Puerto Real, Cadiz, it has a production capacity of 40 MW/year (half a million 80W amorphous silicon panels). Commissioning was scheduled for the third quarter of 2009. At this moment the GADIR is producing modules as scheduled.

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