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Amorphous silicon features and the future in Spain

Published in INFOPOWER in May 2009

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Research and development

As a leading company in the implementation of new technologies aimed at reducing costs of photovoltaic energy, Gadir Solar performs an intensive R&D program, both in internal development as well as through partnership programs with various prestigious institutions.

Its objective is to guarantee a fast and efficient transition to Micromorphous silicon technology, increase yields panels, use cheaper and/or lighter materials, and optimize adaptation of the modules to specific applications that the market demands.

It is expected that in the course of year 2011 Gadir Solar will produce amorphous silicon modules as well as Micromorphous silicon ones, increasing plant production capacity to more than 60 annual MW, reducing manufacturing costs and increasing significantly modules efficiency.

Some of these partnerships with institutions of the photovoltaic sector are:

University of Neuchatel (Switzerland) is a pioneer to scientific advances in silicon thin film technologies and the most important Micromorphous silicon technology patent holder. Gadir has signed a Joint development agreement.

Institute for solar studies (IES). Agreement of cooperation for joint analysis and validation of our systems behavior.

University of Cadiz, partnership agreement to participate in the analysis and development of academic, scientific and business activities of mutual interest.

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